Acoustic Questions Answered

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4 thoughts on “Acoustic Questions Answered

  1. I’m a final student of architecture and i’m designing a child care center. pls i will like to know more about noise control in a child care center.

  2. lolade – I’ve posted a link in regards to a product that is an excellent fit for daycare/child care facilities here :

    To solve noise in childcare facilities, you need to be sensitive of volume, types of activities, construction materials, seperate or adjoining activity areas, aesthetics and whether noise can be an issue outside the building or only internal.

    Much like other acoustic solutions, absorbing or blocking the sound are the core methods. For example, during construction of a facilities, using Vinyl Sound Barrier material beneath sheetrock and duct/pipe lagging wrapped around all pipes exiting the building will help contain sound within a facilitie where commercial or residential neighbors are a concern.

    Inside the different activities, accounting for whether or not acoustic sanitary panels ( pvc ) , fabric wrapped panelsare needed on walls, ceilings or floors. Ceiling baffles and acoustic wall panels are very effective within childcare facilities and with some color design can add a very fun, colorful properties. Acoustic fabrics and banners can add a playful element which will absorb sound waves as they travel through the room reducing reverberation and loud excited children’s voices.

    If daycare is on first floor of an area, then ceiling tile materials should be considered. Likewise, second floor childcare facilities should consider acoustic floor underlayments to reduce the pitter patter noise of childrens footsteps.

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