Institutions / Gymnasiums & Multi-Purpose Rooms Soundproofing

In the heart if Texas, Milan middle school had a noise reverberation problem typical to institution spaces such as gyms, cafeterias, auditorium and general purpose rooms. We all associate the echoes, noise and reverberation of sound with gyms, pool areas & large auditorium / multipurpose rooms and certainly can relate to the high noise levels in these types of rooms. In this middle school gymnasium (a problem in virtual all gymnasiums), the sound bounces off the walls more than the basketballs. Do to the volume and space in these rooms and lack of noise absorbents, the noise grows and creates echoes and reverberation seriously impeding speech intelligibility. When the gym was in use, the conversation next to you was indistinguishable from the conversation across the floor. During sporting events, the noise became unbearable with the gym full of fans, parents and students. The noise levels at sporting events Is already an unhealthy exposure to high decibels especially with no acoustic noise control absorbents in place.

The school reached out to All Noise Control to help them solve their problem. One of All Noise Control’s core markets are Institutions be it middle school, college or other.  All Noise Control suggests their Ceiling Baffle products to help these types of institution noise problems due to their cost effectiveness and noise reduction qualities. Ceiling baffles are a great source of noise reduction in these types of applications benefiting a NRC rating of 1.25. A series of 2’ x 4’ x 1.5” thick ANC-600 acoustical ceiling baffles in between the ceiling trusses was suggested to Milan Middle School. The ANC-600 baffles are constructed of a high density fiberglass core to absorb maximum sound. In addition they have great fire ratings and fire retardant properties. By installing these baffles high in the ceiling, institutions like this Middle School benefit by avoiding most if not all contact between the acoustical baffles and mobile gym equipment such as basketballs, volleyballs, etc.

Once the ANC-600 ceiling baffles were installed the noise quieted down, speech became coherent and their problem was solved. Using the gym for future events was not only healthier for the ears of students and visitors alike, but it also made the use of the gymnasium much more enjoyable.

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All Noise Control helped Biomet solve their noise control issue

Biomet communicated with All Noise Control; Biomet requirements were for a product that could help them with a noise issue they had. They wanted to solve reverberation problems; in any large space, they were interested in installing something for the ceiling.  They wanted something that would be economical to install and easy to maintain. Biomet strives to view its work through the eyes of a surgeon and one patient to treat every product we make as if it meant for a family member. Biomet commitment extends beyond the quality of their products, Biomet business practices in contributing to the health and safety of their team members, and to improving lives in the communities where they do business. Biomet is a company that is committed to its customers and their patients, and Biomet team Members are encouraged to approach their jobs as if each product is meant for a family member. Biomet felt 100% confident that their decision to use All Noise Control was the right decision.

The main goal for All Noise Control was to find a product that applied to their requirements. All Noise Control introduced Biomet with the Acoustic Ceiling Baffles. This product would help echolike force and ambient noise levels in an upper area. This product is proven and effective to absorber and helps reduce reverberation. It is very inexpensive, the submission to install are simple, maintains as well.

The Acoustic Ceiling Baffle is a product that is lightweight, class (A) fire- rated and available in various colors, sizes to meet any acoustical needs. The thickness is 1.5″ and it weight four pounds.

Biomet was very pleased with the product that All Noise Control had for them. The acoustic ceiling baffle has completed the project. The ceiling looks amazing, and they no longer have any noise issues.

All Noise Control welcomes you to visit the acoustical ceiling baffles page at or if you have any question please feel free to contact or customer service line at (561)-964-9360.